North Brandon Lake

Decals are required for all boats on North Brandon Lake and vehicles left at the boat ramp area, no exceptions.  Decals and Keys can be obtained by downloading our Key and Decal Form. Complete it then contact Bonnie Saranthas at (601)331-3430 or email to to arrange for payment and pickup of your keys and decals. The cost of the Key to the boat ramp and pool key are $5.00 each.  There is a $100.00 replacement cost for the boat ramp key.  Replacement cost for the key is $5.00.   The cost for a boat/car decal  is $5.00. 

It's our goal to manage the North Brandon Lake to be a trophy bass fishery which can be enjoyed by our Members.  We view the Lake as an invaluable asset to the neighborhood, adding property vaule, even for those Members who do not enjoy fishing or boating. A Lake Committee has been formed to oversee the management of the Lake.  Please give any Lake Committee member a call if you have questions, concerns, or suggestions about the Lake.See below links to view annual SPM Management reports and the Lake Flyer. 

Lake Flyer with management objectives and rules - Access to Lake Notice

SPM Lake Management Report 2023

SPM Lake Management Report 2022

SPM Lake Management Report 2021

SPM Lake Management Report 2020

SPM Lake Management Report 2019

SPM Lake Management Report 2018

SPM Lake Management Report 2016

SPM Lake Management Report 2015 

SPM Lake Management Report 2014

SPM Lake Management Report 2013                    

SPM Lake Management Report 2012

SPM Lake Management Report 2011

 Lake usage guidelines

  • Largemouth Bass smaller than 16" in length may be harvested up to a limit of 15 per person/day.  No largemouth bass over 16" in length should be harvested and should be returned to the Lake.
  • All guests MUST be accompanied by an Owner as outlined in Section 8.01 of the Covenants.
  • All crappie and catfish regardless of size should be removed from the Lake
  • Bream harvest is limited to 10 per person/day or 20 per boat/day.
  • Decals are required on both sides of all boats that use North Brandon Lake.  Decals are also required for vehicles left at the boat ramp area.  This requirement is in an effort to monitor illegal usage of the Lake by non-owners.
  • Only Owners' boats are allowed on North Brandon Lake.

Pleae help us to accomplish our objectives by following the guidelines setforth by the HOA and adopted by the Lake Committee.