Community Center and Swimming Pool

The North Brandon Shores community center is a great place to gather and enjoy the day lounging by the pool.  Additionally, the clubhouse can be rented for a nominal fee to host those special occations.  See below for the Community Center Guidelines and Pool regulations.

To access the swimming pool area you will need to purchase a key.  You can contact Michelle Sansing  The cost for the pool key is $5.00.

Some key points of consideration when utilizing the community center and pool area:

  • Only North Brandon Shores Homeowner Association members may rent the clubhouse or have access to the pool.
  • Be considerate and clean up after yourself.  It takes community effort to ensure the clubhouse and pool area in satisfactory working order and are available for many years to come.  Please don't leave a mess for your fellow neighbors to clean up.
  • Please use only painter's tape or Command strips to hang decorations in the Clubhouse. Use of other tapes will remove the paint and result in loss of your damage deposit. 
  • Each year the swimming pool will close for the winter the last Sunday of September
  • Reservations of the Community Center should be scheduled through the appropriate
    committee.  See the Committees link for contact information

 Community Center and Pool Regulations                                                               

                                                                                                          Pool & Clubhouse Rules


Community Center and Pool Reservation Form                                              

                                                                                                               Reservation Form

To reserve the clubhouse or pool, please email: